"When hiring entertainment for your wedding do you want just a "DJ" or would you rather have someone to go the "extra mile", help you plan your perfect reception, and will relieve you of a lot of stress when it comes to planning and making sure the evening runs smoothly?"

Wedding Packages range from 1199.00 to 2399.00

(Our most popular package is 1599.00!)

Your wedding day......it is the single most important day of your life (other than when your children are born.) You want it to be absolutely perfect and at SN DJ Entertainment we can't think of a better occasion to be a part of than when two people in love join their separate lives into one.

At SN DJ Entertainment we know planning a wedding can be very stressful at times with so many decisions to be made. However, imagine having a DJ service that not only handles your music and announcements for your reception, but one who also works directly with you to plan out all the details of your reception from start to finish, communicates with your other vendors, directs your reception on your wedding day making sure everything runs smoothly and all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself? Sounds nice doesn't it? At SN DJ Entertainment that is what we do and more importantly we want the entire process (including the planning) to be fun and stress-free for you!

We offer three wedding packages and all three include unlimited consultations, planning, preparation, a basic LED light show, your DJ serving as your on-site Reception Entertainment Director, and a wedding gig log video that showcases your wedding day from the DJ's point of view! In some of our packages we also offer sound and music for your ceremony, decorative up lighting, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner entertainment, and your name, logo, or initials monogrammed in lights (the custom monogram.) We also don't charge an "hourly rate" which means you pay one flat rate for your wedding package and you get your DJ for as many hours as you would like on your wedding day!

We have several wedding resources and links to pages which will help you in your wedding planning process as well as additional information about what we have to offer. You can check out the wedding resources (and read reviews by other brides and grooms) by clicking on the link below.

Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

What sets SN DJ Entertainment apart from other DJ services?

There are many aspects that set SN DJ Entertainment apart from other DJ services when it comes to weddings, but the main reason brides and grooms choose us over our competitors is our attention to detail! When you hire SN DJ Entertainment you will get a DJ service that goes "above and beyond" to make your wedding day special. That includes reception entertainment planning and your DJ serving as your Wedding Reception Entertainment Director on your wedding day! Over the years our brides have told us they love the fact we offer reception entertainment planning services as well because it has relieved them of a lot of stress during the planning process.

What is your most popular wedding package?

Our most popular package is our "All-Inclusive Wedding Experience" (our middle package) which is 1599.00. Brides love this package because it includes many of the services they are looking for including sound and music for their ceremony (if it's held at the same venue as their reception), decorative up-lighting, and their name, initials, or logo monogrammed in lights. Of course that's all in addition to the other services we offer including reception entertainment planning / directing, no hourly rates, and a wedding gig log video which we offer in all 3 of our wedding packages.

What do you mean when you say the DJ will serve as our "Reception Entertainment Planner and Director? Can you explain that in a little more detail?"

Absolutely! When you hire SN DJ Entertainment you're going to get so much more than just a DJ who "handles music". We go well beyond that. In addition to serving as the person who plays your music and makes important announcements we will serve as your Reception Entertainment Planner by working directly with you to plan out your reception (with a sequence of events.) We will prepare an organized sequence of events that is customized just for you (and one that will fit your preferences.) We will give you all of the necessary forms and information to put together your wedding reception (which can be filled out online.) That includes your music preferences, the events you want (such as wedding party introductions, spotlight dances, toasts, cake cutting, etc.) We'll then prepare everything on an organized planner, you'll get to look it over, make any changes, and once you give us your "final approval" that everything is the way you want it, we will then send the reception sequence of events to your other vendors so they will know what will happen (and when.) During the reception your DJ will serve as your Reception Entertainment Director by checking with you and your other vendors to make sure everyone is ready before we announce (or do) any major events! It's our policy that the DJ does not announce any events until he has personally checked with the bride, groom, and other vendors (especially the photographer) to make sure everyone is ready! We will also make the necessary announcements so your guests will know what is going to happen (and when.) Our job is to make sure your reception runs smoothly, has a nice flow, and more importantly that you get to relax and enjoy the last part of your wedding day!.

I have hired a wedding coordinator but since you say you serve as the "Reception Entertainment Planner & Director" does that mean my wedding coordinator will not have to put together a timeline for the reception?

That's right! If you have a wedding coordinator they will not have to worry about putting together a "timeline" (or order of events) for your reception since that is a service we offer in every one of our wedding packages. We'll take care of those details. In fact we will even take it one step further and recommend you invite your wedding coordinator to relax, socialize, and enjoy your reception along with you and your guests! This can be part of their reward for all of the hard work they have put in to make your wedding special! (The wedding coordinators we have worked with love this because not only is it one less thing they have to worry about but it also gives then more time to concentrate on other areas of your wedding without having to put together a "timeline" for your reception!)

When are you available for consultations and what exactly happens at the consultation?

We can work out a time to schedule your consultation when it's convenient for you! We know many people work different hours so we can even schedule your consultation in the evening or the weekend if that works for you. Also we know many brides and grooms don't live in the Pensacola area (but are getting married here) which means it may not be possible for them to schedule an in-person consultation. We do offer video and phone consultations in addition to in-person consultations. We'll work out a time (and a way) that is convenient for you. During the consultation we want to find out more about you, your story, and what you envision for your wedding reception. We'll also go over a sample order of events, go over our packages, answer any questions you may have, and tell you what we have to offer in more detail. We don't set a "time limit" at the consultation so we will talk with you for as long as it takes to make sure all of your questions are answered and you understand what we have to offer.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes! It's actually included in what we call our "Hero's Discount" which is not only offered to active-duty military, but also firefighters, law enforcement, nurses, and EMT's. We offer 15% off the wedding package of your choice.

This is the second wedding for both of us and we really don't want all of the "traditional" events that go with a wedding reception. We really want more of a party with lots of dancing. Do you offer something that would be along those lines?

Yes we do! If this isn't your first marriage (or maybe you aren't wanting all the "bells" and "whistles" of a traditional wedding reception), you can choose our party package instead of one of our wedding packages. With this option it can still be formal, you would still get professional service, but it would be more of a "party" atmosphere with dance music from start to finish (and wouldn't include any of the "traditional" wedding reception events such as spotlight dances, wedding party intros, a detailed sequence of events, etc.). It would be similar to the services we offer our party clients such as a corporate Christmas / Holiday party or a birthday party. Since there wouldn't be nearly as much planning with a "party" as there is with a wedding "reception", there definitely would be a reduction in price compared to our wedding packages. If this is an option you would like to find out more about contact us and we will be glad to discuss your options!

How do I reserve you for my wedding date and do you require full payment upfront?

If you decide SN DJ Entertainment is the right service for you (and we certainly hope you do), the first step in booking your date would be to sign our contract and to pay your non-refundable retainer fee to reserve your date. Your retainer fee is 1/3 of your total balance that is due when you book. Your remaining balance will be due no later than one week before your wedding date. We can work out payment arrangements that work best for you. We've had some clients who wish to pay everything up front and get it behind them, we've had others who paid their initial retainer fee at booking then chose to pay their remaining balance a week before their wedding, and then we've had other clients who chose to pay their remaining balance off in monthly installments. For example they made small payments until it was paid off. As long as your final balance is paid off one week before your wedding we will allow you to pay it off whichever way is easier for you..

I have another question which isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

We have several ways you can contact us. You can call or text us to (850) 501-1590, email us at weddings@sndjpensacola.com, or simply fill out the "Contact Us" form at the top and bottom of this page (or on any of the other pages on our website.)

Contact us!

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