Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are included in your rate?

Unlike other DJ services we do not charge an "hourly" rate. Every one of our packages (whether it's a wedding, party, school dance, or other event) are all "flat rate" packages. That means you have your DJ for the day of your event and can have him for as many hours as you would like that day all for one flat rate.

Do you donate or discount your services for fundraisers and charitable events?

Yes we do a limited number of charity events per year and we do donate our services for non-profit and charitable events. In order for us to donate our services the event must be 100% non-profit and must benefit a charity (such as the Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Humane Society, etc) or it must benefit an individual who needs financial help due to an accident or something similar. (For example if it's a fundraiser to help pay medical expenses for someone who has been in an accident, someone who may have cancer (or some other life-threatening issue.) For other "profitable" fundraisers (such as school events and fundraisers) we do offer our services at a discounted rate (based on availability.)

How much is my retainer fee and do I have to pay the retainer fee on top of the cost of the package?

Your retainer fee will be one-third of you total package to reserve your date and will be due when you sign the contract. Your remaining balance will be due no later than one week before your event.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes! It's actually included in what we call our "Hero's Discount" which is not only offered to active-duty military, but also firefighters, law enforcement, nurses, and EMT's. We offer 15% off our wedding rates and 10% off our party rates. When you use our online quote generator be sure to type "HERO" for weddings and "HERO2" for parties in the "Promo" box at the bottom of the form in order to have your "Hero's Discount" figured in to your automatic price quote!

When are you available for consultations?

We can work out a time that is convenient for you. We know many brides and grooms work odd hours so we can work around your schedule and schedule a consultation in the evening or on the weekend. We offer in-person, video, and phone consultations so we can work out a day, time, and manner that works best for you. Contact us and we will go from there.

Do you travel for weddings and are there traveling fees?

Yes we do! We will travel and traveling fees will depend on how far we have to travel and if it would require an overnight stay in a hotel. We don't charge traveling fees if we have to travel within a 50-mile radius of Pensacola (meaning between Mobile in the west to Destin in the east unless it involved an overnight stay.) In the past we have traveled to Jacksonville and even to North Carolina for weddings.

I have another question which isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

We have several ways you can contact us. You can call or text us to (850) 501-1590 or simply fill out the "Contact Us" form at the top and bottom of this page (or on any of the other pages on our website.)

Contact us!

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