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Wedding Frequently Asked


Q: Are you still hosting weddings during Covid-19 and what kind of changes are
you making?

A: Yes we are still hosting weddings during the Covid-19 pandemic (and have hosted
several of them since the pandemic began.) We have made some changes to go along
with CDC guidelines such as giving our phone number out so guests can text their
requests to us (instead of coming up to the DJ table), sanitizing our cordless microphone
after toasts, and dismissing tables one at a time for dinner so that we don't have a large
crowd in the buffet line. Many of our brides have also made sure tables are spread out
for social distancing. Those are just a few of the changes we have made but each
wedding venue and cities may have their own guidelines as well so we encourage you to
check with them on their individual policies / restrictions.

Q: When it comes to weddings, what sets you apart from "other" DJ services?

A: Quite a lot actually, but we have more brides telling us they like to choose us because
we aren't just a "DJ service". When you hire us for your wedding reception you're hiring
more than "just a DJ who handles music". Your DJ will also serve as your "Reception
Entertainment Director", and our work starts long before your wedding day. We will help
you plan out your reception, set everything up on an organized planner (with sequence
of events), then (upon your approval) we will send it out to your other vendors so they will
know what will happen (and when.) During the reception we will make sure everything
runs smoothly by checking with you (and your other vendors) before we announce any
major events so we can make sure everyone is ready (in addition to making sure we play
the songs you and your guests want to hear.) Our goal is to make sure you (and your
guests, but especially "you") walk out of the reception at the end of the night saying
"That was the BEST wedding reception I have ever been to!"

Q: What all is included in your wedding packages?

A: We actually have 4 wedding packages which all include different features and
add-on's. However, in ALL packages we offer a basic LED light show, your DJ serving as
your Reception Entertainment Director, music for your entire reception (including cocktail
hour and dinner), and you can have your DJ for as long as you want on your wedding
day since we don't charge an "hourly rate". You can find out more about our packages
by visiting our
Wedding Packages page!

Q. Since you are my "Reception Entertainment Director", does that mean I won't
need a "wedding coordinator"?

A: It won't be necessary to have a wedding coordinator for the reception (as far setting
up the sequence of events and directing it) since we offer that service (and will work
directly with you  and the other vendors to handle those details.) We would recommend
having a wedding coordinator to help you coordinate everything up to (and including)
your ceremony (and making sure tables and decorations are set for the reception.) But
when it comes to the reception, we'll take care of that. In fact we know you have probably
developed a close relationship with your wedding coordinator so we would highly
recommend you inviting them to sit back, relax, socialize, and enjoy your reception along
with the rest of your friends and family. (The wedding coordinators we have worked with
love that because it's one less thing they have to worry about and many love the idea of
relaxing with their brides at the end of the wedding day. They can consider that a
well-deserved "reward" for all of their hard work they put in for you.)

Q: Why do you charge just a "flat rate" and not an "hourly rate"?

A: We used to charge an hourly rate (like a lot of other DJ services do), but since we
actually put in 20-30 hours (on average) for one wedding reception (that's everything
starting with the first consultation until we load the last piece of equipment into our
vehicle at the end of the night), it really didn't make sense to have an "hourly rate". Also,
we never schedule two events in one day so we don't have anywhere else to be on your
wedding day. We also want our brides to choose the package that best works for them
(and not have "time" be a factor in that decision.) We made the decision to charge a "flat
rate" in 2018 and have received very positive feedback from that decision.

Q: I really don't know where to start when it comes to planning a wedding
reception, can you help?

A: Of course we can! We have worked with so many brides and grooms over the years
who did not know "where to start", but in the end they enjoyed a wonderful wedding (and
reception). If you find yourself "stressed" or "worried" about planning a wedding
reception, contact us and let's schedule a consultation. We'll give you some direction on
where to start, we'll give you some ideas, and even go over a "sample" sequence of
events that probably 99% of the brides we work with have wanted to do. Once you hire
us we will give you our complete reception planning guide (as well as the necessary
forms to fill out) to customize your reception the way you want it. And of course we will be
here for you to help you as well! Together we will make sure you have a wedding day
you can look back on with fond memories in the years to come.

Q: Can we choose our own music?

A: You bet! We'll give you all the information you need where you can list your favorite
songs (as well as your first dance and other spotlight dances.)

Q: I have another question that isn't answered here, how can I contact you and
how can I set up a consultation?

A: That's very easy. All you have to do is either text or call us at (850) 501-1590, email
us at, or you may use the contact us form below! We'll be
happy to answer your questions and set up a consultation when it's convenient for you.

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