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School Events

We Aren't Just Another "DJ

Of course every student loves taking a break from studying, homework,
and the every day academic world students face on a daily basis. It's
important not only for students to study hard and get good grades, but
also to enjoy their years as a student. SN DJ Entertainment hosts all kinds
of school events whether it's an elementary school carnival or a high school
graduate's last night partying with their friends at Project Graduation. We
feel this is a very important time in a students' life because it is setting the
foundation for when they will become adults, and it's important they enjoy
the "fun" aspects about being a student as well.

You will also have professional radio DJ, Stacey Noles, as your DJ and

            High School Events

High school dances are some of the most popular school events we do all year long.
For high schools, popular dances include After-Football dances, Homecoming, Prom,
Christmas Balls, Sadie Hawkins, and Project Graduation. We can plan your dance
with your preferences in mind. If you have a certain "theme" for your dance, we can
make sure we customize your dance to fit that theme. We offer our "club" lighting
effect as well as our "Fireworks Extravaganza: & Galaxian Light Show".  (Both
pictured to the right). Our "club" lighting effect lightens up the dance floor and gives
the same effect you would get if you were on stage at a concert. Our "Fireworks
Extravaganza & Galaxian Light Show" gives the illusion of a "fireworks" show
(produced by an LED light) going off above the dance floor. (How cool would it be to
stand in the middle of the dance floor and see what looks like a fireworks show going
off over your head?)

We also offer interactive games such as trivia and dance contests which keep the
momentum going throughout the entire dance.
Middle School Events

We take a slightly different approach with middle school events than we do
with high school events. With middle school students, most are attending
their very first school dance, so we have to "motivate" them a little more to
get them to dance and have fun. In addition to playing the music they like to
hear, we also offer our "Fireworks Extravaganza & Galaxian Light Show" and
our "club" lighting effect like we do with our high school dances. But with
middle school students, we put a lot more emphasis on "interacting" with
them than we do with high school students.  We put more emphasis on
"games" as well as music. We want to make sure our middle school students
have fun and get the full fulfillment of the dance experience.
Elementary School Events

Of course at the elementary school level, there really aren't too many
"dances" like there are at the middle and high school level. However,
elementary schools do have carnivals, fund raisers, and other events
where they may require DJ services. We do have "all day" packages
available for school carnivals. We can provide a microphone, emcee
services, and of course, music! We will make sure your elementary school
event is something the students will not forget!
Games and Contests

We offer several games and contests to keep the party going. Below are
just some of the games and contests we can offer:

* Fast / Slow Dance Contest - We take a popular line dance song
such as the "Cupid Shuffle" or the "Cha Cha Slide" and we either speed it
up (fast dance) or we slow it down (slow dance). The object is to keep up
with it. (And trying to do the "Cha Cha Slide" at a slow tempo is a lot
harder than you may think!)

* Trivia - We will pick a student out of the crowd to answer a "trivia"
question. It can be anything from American History to TV show trivia. We
ask the question (multiple choice) and the other students can help the
student out (sort of like "Who Wants To Be  Millionaire".) The good news
is we have never had a student lose at playing "Trivia"!

* Snowball Dances - This is popular at the middle school level. We play
a popular song and everyone starts out with a partner. Throughout the
song, your DJ will say "Snowball", and that means you switch partners.
This way all students have a chance to dance with someone and nobody
feels left out.
Stacey Noles with a student playing "Trivia" at a
middle school prom


Book us for at least two of your dances or events and we will give you a choice of either a FREE TWO HOUR
event OR $100 off your third event! You can even use the free two hours during the school day, such as during
lunch, or other extra-curricular activities!

Free Consultation!

As you can see SN DJ Entertainment has a lot to offer when it comes to our schools. We love working with students and we feel their events
are just important as other events we offer. If you would like to find out more about what SN DJ Entertainment has to offer, please contact
us and we will send you a copy of our school dance information packet which will explain (in more detail) the services we have to offer. We
also offer a FREE consultation in which our program director (and your DJ) Stacey Noels will personally come to your school, meet with your
students, and answer any questions they may have. We do offer discounts and specials which you may find in our school dance information
packet. Contact us today to see how SN DJ Entertainment can make your next school event a success!!
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