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Parties Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more about your services, what all is included, and to schedule a

That's real simple! Please click here to check our availability, get an overview of our packages, and
receive an instant price quote!  You may also
email us or call us directly at (850) 501-1590 with any
questions or to request information. We also accept text messages on our phone. Please include your
name, type of event, date of event, the number of hours, and location of your event. We will then email
you an information packet which has more details (including detailed information on our packages and

If I fill out your online form after I check your availability, does that mean I am automatically
contracting with your company and does that mean I will start getting phone calls from
solicitors trying to sell me things?

Absolutely not. Our online form is only used to give us information on your event so we can make sure
we send you the right information packet. It is not a contract, it is not an obligation, nor is it used for any
other purpose than to provide us with your contact information and to give us an idea of what services
you are looking for. Any information you submit on the form is only seen by us and only for that
purpose. We do not sell or give out your information to any outside phone solicitors and nobody
outside of SN DJ Entertainment will ever contact you based on the information you provide in the form.

Do you host fund raisers and charity events? Also, do you charge for these events or offer

We do a limited number of charity events each year, and yes we do donate our services for certain
events and others we will offer a discounted rate. In order for us to donate our services, the event must
be 100% non-profit and / or benefit a charity. Give us a call at (850) 501-1590 or email our
Entertainment Director, Stacey Noles, at

Can I send you a text message to find out more information about your services?

Sure you can! We know this is the 21st century and texting has become a normal way of
communication. You may send us a text to
(850) 501-1590. Please include your name, the type of
event you are having, the date, time, and location along with your email address and we will send you
an information packet directly to your email. You may also text us with any questions you may have as
well. We return all texts, e-mails, and phone calls within 24 hours.

During the first consultation, am I obligated to make a decision and sign the contract on the

No. The purpose of the first consultation is for you to have the chance to meet with our program
director, ask him questions, and see if we are the right entertainment service for you. We realize
choosing the right mobile entertainer for your event is a very important decision, so we understand if
you want to take some time to evaluate everything after the consultation. We have had clients who like
what they have seen and decided to book at the first consultation, and we welcome that if that's what
you would feel comfortable doing, but we don't expect, nor do we try to pressure you into signing the
contract at the first meeting.

What all events do you normally perform?

The majority of our events are weddings, but we also do many other events as well. We offer services
in school dances, parties, church functions, fund raisers, and car shows. We can provide service for
just about all major gatherings and events which would require entertainment, a PA system, and emcee!

What all is included in your wedding packages?

I've seen pictures of your setup and also watched some of the videos on your Youtube
channel. What are those "white things" under the speakers and what are they used for?

Those are called "Scrim Kings", and they are actually made from a type of spandex material that
stretches. We put them on front of the tripod speaker stands and put lights behind them (called "back
lighting").Their main purpose is to add a little more elegance and to hide the "legs" of the speaker
stands. It just makes our setup look a lot more attractive. Just like with our up lighting, we can also
change the colors of the "back lighting" behind the Scrim Kings to fit your wedding colors. They are
included in all packages and events which take place indoors (including non-wedding events such as
school dances and parties). Below are a couple of pictures of our setup with the scrims and back
lighting. You can see how they add so much more elegance and are so much more attractive than just
bare legs of the tripod.

Can you provide us with references that we can contact regarding their experiences with
your DJ service?

Absolutely, in fact we highly encourage that. Please let us know if you would like to contact some of our
past clients and we will be glad to give you the contact information for a list of clients who have given us
prior permission to give their information out.

I'm looking for a DJ on a regular basis, do you do weekly and monthly contracts?

Yes! We usually address these on an "individual" basis, but if you are looking for a DJ service to
perform at your restaurant or you have a weekly event you would like us to perform, we can certainly
do a weekly, monthly, or a contract for a specific amount of time.

We would like to see your DJ in action, may we attend an event so we can see his
performance, the setup, and the light show?

If we are doing a public event, such as a fund raiser, school carnival, church event, or something like
that, then yes you are more than welcome to attend. In fact we highly encourage it. However, for private
events, such as weddings and private parties, it is against our company policy (and not to mention very
unprofessional) to invite potential clients to these events. (After all, you probably wouldn't want us
inviting potential clients to your private event.) We do understand "potential" clients would like to see
our setup and how we normally do things, so we do offer the next best thing. We have many "gig log"
videos from all kinds of events and will be glad to send you some examples. Please
contact us today if
you would like to see some of our videos from wedding receptions and other events.

Would you mind telling me when Stacey Noles is on the radio so we can hear him? Also, how
long has he been on the radio?

Sure. Stacey has been a radio personality in the Pensacola area for several years and most remember
him as the longtime night personality at 102.7 WXBM (now Nash-FM 102.7). He currently works for
Cumulus Media and can be heard each and every morning doing news on Nash-FM 1027 and Soft
Rock 94.1. He also does traffic updates for Jet 100.7 and Magic 106 each weekday morning. On the
weekends (when he isn't doing weddings or other events for SN DJ Entertainment), you can also catch
him playing your favorite songs on WMEZ, Soft Rock 94.1 Sunday from 10am until 2pm.

Do you do campaign events such as election night parties and campaign rallies?

Yes we will be happy to provide entertainment for election night parties, campaign rallies, and other
events during an election year. We don't "endorse" candidates and will remain "neutral" when it comes
to politics, but we definitely would provide entertainment for campaign parties like we do other events.

I would like to schedule a consultation, when are you available to meet with me?

We can schedule your consultation when it's convenient for you. We understand most people work
during the day so we can always schedule a consultation during the week in the late afternoon or early
evening. We can also schedule consultations on the weekend if that would work out better for you.
(Sunday afternoon consultations have worked out really well.) Feel free to give us a call or
email us
and we'll work out a date / time that is convenient for you no matter what your schedule may include.